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Private Lessons

Private Lessons 55 Mins.    $70

Additional Players.               $20

Junior Golf Clinics

Group Lessons are clinic style classes in which players will learn skills required to play golf on the course. Players will be divided into groups with a 5:1 student teacher ratio and be assigned drills for the day. The duration of each class is 1 hour and the material will vary every week. We will use the driving range, putting green, chipping green and the golf course to conduct these golf clinics Players are divided by skill level and by age but are divided into beginner and advanced. Please speak to your coach to see which class is the best fit your your player. 

Peewee Golf Clinics ages 4-6

When can my child start to play golf at PSGA Doral? 4 Years old.

We believe the sooner the better! Our peewee class is the best place to start your junior golfer. We have designed a special clinic style program which combines golf skills with physical moments to improve coordination and agility. 



1 Clinic per Week      $120

2 Clinics Per Week   $200

3 Clinics Per Week   $260

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